Introducing Gringo Dog’s Riverside Hot Dog Cart

Gringo Dogs had our customers in mind when we oredered The 2017 Riverside Hot Dog Cart.  It was originally designed as a side access version of their most popular vending cart. It has all of the same great features as their Ventura model but now has even more cooking capacity. The brand new, redesigned 2017 Riverside offers two full-size pan capacity and easier access to the working envronment. With this sideways design you have two additional large integrated side-shelf work surfaces. One full length side shelf for food preparation, and another full length side-shelf on the customer side for “customer applied” condiment service. This sideways style of hot dog cart has proven to have very desirable features for many hot dog vendors today. The New Riverside model Hot Dog Cart has become a very popular choice.

The Riverside Hot Dog Cart with two “full-size” steam tables, has the awesome capability of heating and preparing hot dogs, sausages and a variety of condiments at a very fast pace for the busiest of locations and events. When you are working a great location, with high traffic you cannot be restricted by a lower capacity piece of equipment. People will not wait for their “quick” lunch or snack. The Riverside is designed with efficiency at the forefront. It’s all about turning out food service quickly and efficiently, nobody does it better than Gringo Dog’s Hot Dog Carts!